Start A Post . . .

The three little words which I suspect  strike fear into many of us . . start a post!

start a blog

Well, here goes.  Firstly this is not my first dip into the world of blogging.  Back in May 2013 I started a blog for my local sewing group – admittedly I didn’t follow the correct format but instead ended up with one long feed of smaller paragraphs all inter-spaced with photographs, but it kind of worked and I think it looks good.  But, it isn’t easy to maintain and is highly problematic when anyone else wants to leave comments or add posts.

This time however, I would like to do things properly.  I think it would be nice to have each of my blog entries in an archive so that only the latest offering is on show and everything else is filed away in an orderly fashion, which you can easily dip into when something catches your eye. Plus I would love to have feedback and comments from people reading anything I have posted (by the way, that is not a hint).

Ok, being a bit of a butterfly brain, I have been distracted by red squiggly lines appearing under the words blogging and blog.  Seriously??  (Sigh)  I am a little puzzled that there is a need to add such words to the dictionary of a BLOG SITE!

But don’t worry, I may become distracted from time to time but I nearly always get my focus back.  Now, I have let you know how I want my blog to take shape so this is possibly a good time to let you know what I want to include in my posts.  Firstly, I will warn you there is a cat – Oliver – who will from, time to time, squirm about on the keyboard demanding my attention.  Although he may be mentioned occasionally let’s just get it out of the way and pop a few little pictures in so you can see my problem:

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Now we have that out of the way I really want this blog to tell you about:

  • What I will be making – I love sewing  and making things
  • How to make things – by way of short tutorials
  • Tips and shortcuts that I discover
  • How I am trying to turn my love of sewing into a business
  • How I am learning to use social media to find customers and get myself  ‘out there’

I know suddenly this blog is sounding like more of a commercial tool, and in some ways it will be.  But essentially, I am writing all this stuff because it’s a good way for me to journal what I am doing and just maybe other people will find it interesting or informative.

I am sure that the blog will evolve and become more than I have in mind right now but that is good.  Baby steps and going with the flow will be just fine with me.